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I was so surprised @ how many home remedies came up when I came and looked at this site.. I tried some.. What I found that worked is:
1) brush teeth
2) rinse mouth out w/ mouthwash
3) floss ur teeth w/ orajel on the floss
4) take motrin, asprin, tylenol, or something like that for inflammation
5) Put vanilla extract on the area of where the gums are hurting...

I woke up in the morning and no tooth pain... Best of luck to you..... hope that is works....

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I was suffering from an inflamed area of the gum. Of course it was the weekend, and I was miserable. I followed this routine and all I can say is 'freakin' genius'! The Oragel on floss was the most simple, yet most ingenius treatment method I came across. I followed this entire routine and am so glad I did. Thank you for this entry!!!


Simple, yet effective.


worked pretty well

Mrs. Smallwood

ugh..... still didn't work I've been going through this for weeks


My gums have been sore and burning, I felt immediate relief after applying Vanilla Extract. Thanks so much.


This was the best tip. I have had infected gum for over three months. My dentist gave me antibiotics (3 different ones) and it has never fully went away. Did this two nights in a row and the swelling and pain are gone. AMAZING!!!!!Thank you so much for this post.


Wow just tried the vanilla extract And pain gone. Amazing! Thanks (:


i have been doing everything on this list ive had gum disease for years and i wish it would go away


Immediate relief from vanilla extract !
Thank you


hey guys, I am dying of pain here.. pls help. what is vanilla Extract? Is it vanilla Essence?

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