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I have been up all night tonight with a very painful toothache.I have takin 2 prescrption ibuprofin and a mucles relaxer and nothing helped,after reading some of all ya'lls remidies i decided to go and look in my kitchen to see what I had. well all I had was rum and salt so i rinsed with warm salt water and then held rum in my mouth (that burned) but i am finally able to sit here and not be tring to figure out what to do for it maybe i can sleep now hope so i have to work in the morning thank you all for your help and god bless each one of you.

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thanks a lot for the help, i could not sleep because of my pain. i try your remedy and it works for me, i can now able to post a comment. thanks again


omg i though it was a joke that rum would help. my tooth was killing me and i have tried just bout everything i could use in my house hold so i fig i would try it and it worked i was shocked thank u soooo much it helped allot


My tooth began to hurt while I was at work. I knew I could not take any pain medicine while at work. So I went to Dollar General and bout some peroxide. Peroxide is in toothpaste so it should not be harmful if ingested. It boiled the food particles and infection and out of the tooth (if there is a whole in it). The pain was gone in about 5 minutes. I continued until the next day when I could get in with the dentist. Great relief.


I tried the teabag, the hot compresses and the almond extract.....they worked. Thank you.

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