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Serious Tooth Ache. My problem is an infected tooth and it's killing nerves. I've tried just about every thing on this site with no relief.

What did work, flushing the bad tooth with very cold water (ice water). I started off with room temp bottled water and slowly made the water colder with ice, so it didn't hurt as much.

Ice cold water does numb the nerve and brings instant 98% relief. The down side is it only last a few seconds after applied so I have spent the last 24 - 30 hours sipping ice water, with no sleep Just long enough to get to a dentist.

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long beach, ca

You are so right!!! Ice water will do the job and take the pain away...It really works...


Ice water is the WORST Option... I have had the tooth pain where It was just terrible and used ice water. But the water only Temporally eases the pain.But after its worst than ever so you continue sipping water... Stop sipping the water, deal with the pain for a while than it will slowly feel better. Try putting a heating pad to your face :]

sleepless in painville USA

I've been taking amoxicilin/hydocodene for three days and it's not working or i started sipping on ice water as well and it does work, I even stick a ice cube in my mouth between my teeth to doze off but as soon as the ice melts and my mouth get warm the pain shoots back with revenge.( I have a large cup of ice water by my bedside at all times) This same pain happened a long time ago to me and a dentist called it a 'HOT TOOTH' which means...only cold can cool it down. Good luck and I hope you all feel better soon.

Thakuir, Titilagarh,odisha

May I Give Suggestion to Use Tulsi leaf with black Peeper by mixing put . in to your mouth.


Yeah, I've known about the remedy for some time.. since I was a kid. But, once you take that water off.. It's far worse then ever imaginable..

I'm about in about a hour.. to get off the water, like it's an addiction or something.. somehow withstand the pain until I'm normal again.. I'm dying here.

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