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I have fond that Oregano oil has a variety of uses, but is perhaps most well known as a natural toothache remedy. Oregano oil can be placed on the teeth and gums to prevent and heal tooth and gum disorders and relieve an acute toothache

* It alleviates toothaches by diluting oregano oil and rubbing it gently into the inflamed gums and ailing tooth

diluting oregano oil with water you can put it in a cotton ball and place it in the thooth for a while.

You can get it on the internet or I have found it in at the heath store section of Fredmeyer. This section is located by the produce. my son had a thoothache and this is what helped him.

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I just tried this and within two minutes the pain is almost gone! I use oil of oregano for so many things, why didn't I think of it for this? I think this will hold me until I can contact my dentist on Monday.

Why do these things only happen on weekends when our professionals are not open?


yep i too use oregano oil for other things.the toothache was not responding to ibuprophen so i got a teabag put some oregano oil on it and wedged on the broken tooth...i can feel it working...thanks for the reminder...

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