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I have had herpes for over 20 years and I have tried everything.... crazy things! I tried the prescription meds when I was first diagnosed and they didn't really help and they made me sick at my stomach and gave me headaches. Finally, I have hit upon 2 things that actually work,quickly and cheaply. I have done some trial and error self testing and I have struck gold. LoL First of all: Prevention - Vitamin D with D3, 400 I.U. a day. I started taking it for another reason entirely, so this was a really happy accident. I had been taking it for a while and ran out. Didn't think it was a big deal. I started getting outbreaks every month when I had gone months and months and months without any. I am very careful with my diet and know my trigger foods (bananas and peanuts) so I didn't know what was going on. I tried to figure out what I was doing different and I realized that the OB started when I ran out of Vitamin D with D3. Started taking it again and I was fine.... for a long time, and then I got cocky and ate a peanut butter sandwich; then another a few days later. Well, it serves me right - yep, I got an OB. I think if I would have stopped after 1 sandwich, I would have been okay. Before I started taking D with D3, one single peanut would give me an OB right away. Seriously. Please Google Vitamin D with D3 for herpes. Many people have had success with it and I strongly believe it has kept me OB free, besides the peanut butter incident. Know your trigger foods, too. Don't get cocky! Next up, Treatment: Tagamet - which is heartburn medicine. Buy the generic (Cimetidine) at Walmart, it's under $3 for 60 pills. (goodbye over-price non-working prescription meds!) Don't get any other heartburn medication. It HAS to be Cimetidine! If you have an OB or feel one coming on, take 1 pill 3 times a day, (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and then 2 at bedtime. I am not going to lie - by day 2 you are going to have some um, intestinal distress, but it's worth it because by day 2, your sores will probably be gone and I am not kidding. If you are like me, OB usually last 10 days so 2 is a cake walk and a gift. If you know when your OB is coming on and you start taking these, you may not get any blisters at all. Now, I have made some mistakes along the way - again, don't get cocky. If you Google this, it says to keep taking it once the OB occurs for a week to 10 days as directed. That is too much. Overkill in my opinion. But stopping once the blisters are gone? Not enough. I got cocky once and learned that the hard way. The blisters tried to make an encore presentation, so I started taking the pills again and this time I kept it up for 5 days,start to finish which is plenty, with a slight variation. Instead of taking 5 total a day after the blisters went away, I took either 3 a day or 2 before bedtime - not both. Worked out great. That was all during the time it took me to figure out not taking Vitamin D with D3 was messing me up. Since I started taking Vitamin D with D3 again, besides the peanut butter overdose, I have had no more OB. The peanut butter one was the worst I have had in some time. I knew better. At least the Cimetidine cleared it up in a couple of days. I don't understand why more studies have not been done with the Cimetidine. It's cheap, over the counter and works great. From what I have read (and the information is sadly limited) it suppresses the virus and puts it in remission immediately. I don't know if taking it every day would put it in permanent remission after a while and I can not recommend that because I am not a doctor and do not know what the long term effects would be. Short term use is apparently safe for heartburn sufferers, so I believe it to be for herpes sufferers. I should add that taking too much Vitamin D with D3 is not recommended. I am a small person and the 400 I.U. seems to work out well. I should further add I can't promise anyone their OB will be gone in 2 days if they take the Cimetidine as suggested, but that has been my experience. It really truly works like nothing I have ever tried and remember... I have tried everything! Crazy things!!!! I hope this helps someone else, many people if I have my way. Although I can't remember when I last had an OB, (it's been that long!!) I do remember it sucked. Even for those 2 short days. I hope someone has my same luck. By the way, my little self study has been going on for around 15 months, so I am pretty confident in my findings. I actually waited this long to post because I did not want to rush and give anyone bad advice or false hope. Also worth mentioning, I have been in a monogamous relationship for 4 years. We have never used condoms, (we discussed it; his informed decision) but abstain during OB. He is still herpes free, (I have him get tested every 6 months even though he says it doesn't matter) but we are extremely, extremely careful (I always know when I am getting an OB - 20+ years of experience)and.... he was already taking D with D3 when I met him because of a severe bone break. That may be a coincidence, but maybe it's keeping him from being infected. I anyone tries this, please post your results. Good luck!!!

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I'm the original poster. I had two important things to add. First, I also take a 50 mg of Zinc a day, 7500 mcg of Biotin and a multi-vitamin. I don't know if those are factors or help any, but thought I'd mention. Also DO NOT take Tagamet (brand or generic) with Valtrex. I read that combination can be very harmful. Do not take both.


I just want to say Thanks for the tagament suggestion. Fighting bad obs for 5 yrs - can't afford Valtrex - this worked even better at first sign of ob. You are a life saver!

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