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if u have a really bad toothache as i am having right now i dont have and meds at all till i get to the store tommarow if i can dont mind the spelling i am still in some what of pain i have been reading this and cry because my tooth was hurting me really bad it even woke me up out of my sleep 1 crying dont help at all it puts to much stress on u and makes it hurt worse i did use the tea bag make it hot as u can stand it in a mug of hot water dont add any thing to it put the tea bag in your mouth on the side where the tooth hurts the heat eases the pain leave it there for about 5 to 10 mins then drink some tea and hold it in your mouth on the side where it hurts then swallow then i use a blow dryer on my face it saves time so u dont have to keep warming up your towel i hope it works for you it dont take all the pain away he eh its a start right

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stacy louise bolton gregory

never drink what you have rinsed your mouth will be swallowing the poison and that is really really bad!!!!


what toothaches can make people do!!! Sounds like a complicated process!

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