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The yeast infection and candida can be treated naturally. The symptoms are white and thick discharge, itchiness of the vulva, irritation and swelling.

If you have yeast infection avoid using condoms or sex toys, they can aggravate the irritation. Increase food rich in B Vitamin, eat yogurt and garlic every day. Also, use plain natural unpasteurized yogurt to insert inside the vagina. Either insert the plain yogurt inside the vagina with a spoon or, first deep your tampon in the yogurt and then insert it in the vagina. You can do it twice or three times a day. Alternatively, insert pealed garlic clove and let it stay overnight inside the vagina (it may burn if irritation is severe). If it is too painful, wrap up the garlic clove in a cheesecloth or gauze, and dip it in olive oil to avoid the irritation. Change the garlic three times a day for a week.
In a week to ten days you should be healed from the yeast infection.

Please note: avoid sugar, white flour, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol in order to speed up the healing process.

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What if the yogurt has 6g of sugar it's a Greek all natural plain yogurt can i still use it?


Please can't the garlic remain in my vagina? am like scared coz i might sleep at night and it gets missing what will i do ?

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