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Everytime you get a craving stop yourself and take ten slow breaths. Take the breaths as deep as your body will allow you. When you are finished your cravings are gone.

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Anonymous sorry that remedy will not work come on were talking about a bad addiction and you say take deep breaths....ur funny duh


my dad has been smoking a long time and ive been trying toget him to quit. I think that your advice will help. also when he gets the craving for smoking we replace the cigerettes with lolipops.


I could see this helping for the mental addiction but not physical. The ten deep breathes will ultimately take your mind off your craving as you're focusing on breathing and not smoking sliggs;)


what works for one, may not work for 'every'one, you do not have to be so rude, this was a place for someone to let people know the home remedy that worked for them, maybe it will help someone else, if it didn't work for you, fine, go try something just don't have to be so mean & rude, try to break that habit!


to the person who did write this remedy, thank you! because it has helped a lot, hasn't made me quit, but i have truly slowed down from 1 & a half packs, to 3-4 a day. i am trying, but kids...teenage kids...can sometimes really make ya want a cig. or a drink lol

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