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Everytime you get a craving stop yourself and take ten slow breaths. Take the breaths as deep as your body will allow you. When you are finished your cravings are gone.

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gee why didnt we think of that?it doesnt work for anxie it sure as s**t is not going to work for an addiction!


only works if a ciggie is attached to the lips when you inhale. sorry.


You have to WANT to STOP smoking to stop, thats the only way

a non smoker for 8 weeks

When I had intense cravings I would scream real loud 'I am a non-smoker' over and over again till the cravings were gone.


I tried this and when I was finished, not only were my cravings gone but fairies flew out my a$$.


Deep breathing helps when I am stressed out but not to stop smoking. I have been smoking for 13 years and I think that when you are ready you will stop.


I agree! Not ten breaths but shut your eyes and one or maybe two big deep slow breaths and then relax the whole body. It does help I have found.


This worked for me. I was a 2 1/2 pack a day smoker for most of my life. Started smoking at 14. This was key to me quiting. keep track of your time that you have been smoke free. Think of yourself as a total looser if you give in and have even one puff. Not one puff. clean for 3 years now. also lost 140 lbs at the same time. (have put 40 or so back on, but still better than where I was.) 400lbs and 2 1/2 packs a day... not good combo


yea, wow this did wonders for me, i was smoke free the whole 10 senconds, i guess if i would keep doin it all day, then this might work. but other than that, this tip is worthless.


This works , even after you stop smoking you still have smoke deep in your lungs, breathing in as deep as you can, will push the nicotine and smoke thats still inside your lung cavitys to your blood stream, if you stop smoking for a week or 2, try to breath out real hard, you will see smoke still coming from your lungs , trust me, its there , try it....

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