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the acv works but you have to apply pressure to the skin. this allows the cut of blood flow and help the vinegar penetrate faster. I have seen the area turn purple in five to ten minutes and the next day you will see a is all on the kind of pinching pressure you are applying and how long you do it.

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i tried this and it WORKED! Im so happy that i have called everybody and told them about it. i was in a skin care class and got it from there im sure. I always wondered what it was but one day i was being curious and tried on some wart remover and it had a reaction and so there i knew exactly what i had in hand A WART! i was thinking of buying that freeze away thing they sell in stores but got online and started reading on something that will help with out me walking around with something on my forehead. i bought the acv, qtips and bandaids applied a wet qtip tip on the warts and put a bandaid on it. i did that saturday night, skipped sunday night and applied it yesterday night and today i woke up and i had a scap! Im So Happy! Thanks!

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