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Hello everyone. I'm going to tell you my story. (I'll keep it short, I promise.) Well, my friend asked me to come to the beach, and without thinking I said yes. Now, I have stretch marks on my inner thighs and hips, so I usually wear those shorts/bikini bottoms. But this year I have a new set little set of marks. They're on my sides. There aren't that many but they were a very dark pink. So me in despration look online for some remedies all of which required me to leave my house and buy something. Being only 14 I couldn't just leave at 11:00 at night so I went looking around my kitchen. I ended up mixing Aloe Vera gel, Lotion w/ Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and lemon juice. After that I rubbed it on the most obvious places for about 3 minutes each. Now, here I am, 30 minutes later, happy as a clam, because my marks INSTANTLY lightened. No joke! So that's what I'd suggest. Hope it works for you too.

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im gonna try it hope it works on me


Does it matter if the extra virgin olive oil is for the hair or dies it have to be oil for the body ????


I am black and my stretchmarks are light and very noticiable. Will this work for me??plzreplyyyy


Thankyou SO much for this 'potion' honey! Im 19 and had my baby nearly a year ago and my palmers stretch mark cream didnt seem to be doing anything... So i tried this. It is only my first time doing it but I can tell a difference already! I LOVE YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE!! I can finally wear my bikini again in Tenerifeeee! xx

stretch mark gone

Like OMG i never thought it was going to work like this!!! i really didn't believe it...but somehow it really actually didn't fully faded =in that 30 minutes probably cause me stretch have been there for a long time(i have dark purple ones) but this really faded them i can see the differences :D LOVE IT


I didnt work for me. I have darker skin.


ANYONE ANYONE who claims they had improvement or that their stretch marks disappeared in MINUTES, HOURS, OVERNIGHT, A WEEK or a MONTH are LYING!!! YES, LYING!!!!


thank you for this! I have had my stretch marks for 15 yrs and I' m dark skinned and i tried this and also mixed coffee, olive oil,bio oil,lemon juice,egg whites, sugar, aloe vera. this is not bs!!! but u have to work at it to get the results you want its not gonna happen in ten minutes! I rubbed my stretch marks a lot with that mixture and then i let them soak for more than a hour and it messy and i shower with a body wash that also has shea butter n cocoa butter.after that i sleep with more oils that arent so messy but my stretch can absorb them.I started this last sunday and by friday i seen a big improvement!!! i even sleep with aloe vera ,bio oil,olive oil,cocoa butter lotion and a little lemon juice.i' m not bs you just try it at least twice a day and leave it as long as u can!


Thank you for the remedy.
For me it was not an overnight procedure to see the result, it took some time to see the differences on my white old stretch marks(I'm 33 year old and i had these stretch marks since 14 years old).I used just shea butter every now and then and massaged them 40 minutes after each use,after about one week i saw the differences and after one month they look really better , but they are not disappeared completely yet.

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