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Hello everyone. I'm going to tell you my story. (I'll keep it short, I promise.) Well, my friend asked me to come to the beach, and without thinking I said yes. Now, I have stretch marks on my inner thighs and hips, so I usually wear those shorts/bikini bottoms. But this year I have a new set little set of marks. They're on my sides. There aren't that many but they were a very dark pink. So me in despration look online for some remedies all of which required me to leave my house and buy something. Being only 14 I couldn't just leave at 11:00 at night so I went looking around my kitchen. I ended up mixing Aloe Vera gel, Lotion w/ Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and lemon juice. After that I rubbed it on the most obvious places for about 3 minutes each. Now, here I am, 30 minutes later, happy as a clam, because my marks INSTANTLY lightened. No joke! So that's what I'd suggest. Hope it works for you too.

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whats the measurements? i really wanna try this :)


it lightend instantly but came back jus as dark 2 min later. did this happen for you?


Has anyone tried this on scars? Does it work on acne scars?


I am going to try this I'm 12 and I just so happens I'm going to the beach to this weekend I'm so emmbrarassed about my marks ); and my bathing suit kind of helps

tasha !

wow im 13 trning 14 im going to try this hopefully it works (:


dear alyssa i cant quite remember how you spelt your name but i dont know how old you are or how long youve had these stretch marks but ive had mine for probaly 6 months and i used it for 1 week then stopped using it now they still stayed light without using the cream so i think it really does work but i would recommend waiting for more than 2 minutes and i applyed it twise a day for a week rubbed it in for a while and then yes 2 minutes later or so it got darker but just wait they will become light like a miracle hope this helped


alrightyy so i just read this remody and quickly ran to my kictehn and did teh same im 14 as wel and have them on my inner thighs and hips, i hope this works cause im tired of hiding my body because of them, and i was wondering if it wont work cause i didnt have the body butter stuf ? but i included everything else and did wat u said .. now just to wait eek. hope thid works, thanks


this does not work at all...thts bs


Did anyone figure out measurements? I've been doing research on different products for both my mom and myself to rid our bodies of nasty stretch marks and I'd love to try this out since it's all stuff I have instead of spending $30+ per 15oz bottle. I actually have stretch marks on my face from an oral surgery a few years back that resulted in massive swelling and I hate wearing make-up but have to to hide the marks it left so I'd LOVE to find something that works!

happy again :)

Hi ! I have the same problems , I put that on my stretch marks in the morning and evening kinda like a body lotion , its my second day and there's a huge diff !!! Thanks a million , I used to be soo embarrassed bout em ! Thanks ! :) :)

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