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Hello everyone. I'm going to tell you my story. (I'll keep it short, I promise.) Well, my friend asked me to come to the beach, and without thinking I said yes. Now, I have stretch marks on my inner thighs and hips, so I usually wear those shorts/bikini bottoms. But this year I have a new set little set of marks. They're on my sides. There aren't that many but they were a very dark pink. So me in despration look online for some remedies all of which required me to leave my house and buy something. Being only 14 I couldn't just leave at 11:00 at night so I went looking around my kitchen. I ended up mixing Aloe Vera gel, Lotion w/ Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and lemon juice. After that I rubbed it on the most obvious places for about 3 minutes each. Now, here I am, 30 minutes later, happy as a clam, because my marks INSTANTLY lightened. No joke! So that's what I'd suggest. Hope it works for you too.

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ahhh wow awesome i tryed it and you would never think that that would work i have the exact same thing as you and i know you cant go swimming with stretch marks on the sides and also on my innr thighs but not on my hips i tryed this looked thirty minutes later it was way better but then i was on the computer 2 hours later i decided to check again and it was like a miracle thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh my goodness, that's crazy. works like a charm. Thanks so much.


How much ow what exactly


Okay i'm about to try it thanks for the idea hope it works!!!!!!!


Nice!!!!!!! The first 4 times I did it. It made a big difference from dark dark pink to lightweight light light light light light light light you get it I wish I took before and after pics i've been trying it for 4 days now and I use it 2 times a day morning and night the best out of all for stretch marks woow
I love this it's awesome I bet they will be gone by two weeks thanks so much


Do you just mixed all of those?! I mean, what about the measurements of each? Like, 2 tbsp of olive oil, and such (O_o') Would like to try it though.. :)

shelby richardson

gonna try it soon on payday cuz i dont have any of that stuff lol gonna post my pics on facebook before an after so i hope it works im desperate for somthing that works seriously i started geting strech marks when i was 8 i was involved in alot of sports so i dont think it was gaining weight but when i do gain wait i notice them an when i lose weight i get even more an they get real pink an purple so fingers crossed i realy hope it works


wow it rlly works. i wasnt expecting it to work. it sounds crazy but it does work. i altered it a little bit bc i didnt have all that exact stuff but it still lightens the automatically. ive already applied it 3 times today lol.


ohmigoodness this worked so awesomely! im 14 too and i feel your pain! haha i tried this as soon as i read it and i am amazed. you are my new hero! :)))


iv had stretch marks on my hips and inner thighs also and im trying this remedy for the first time so im hoping it works! :D

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