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Okay so I have been battling these horendous things called hemoroids for a few weeks now, 2day has been the worst! I mean I cannot take the pain anymore. I have tried preparation H, preperation H cooling gel, desitin, toilet paper between my cheeks 2 keep the area dry, always use flushable wipes, drink tons of water eat well. So I have read all of ur suggestions and as I write this while sitting in an epsom salt bath ( which is kinda helping the pain, its the 1st time I've been able 2 sit 2day) my fiance is on his way 2 our local grocery store with a list for Vics, witch hazel, coffee filters, bananas, rock sugar, and garlic cloves... So I am praying your advice works, I am desperate 4 pain relief. The vics and garlic sound like the best bet, but I am also gonna drink the banana drink. I am so greatful 4 a site like this & ppl not embarassed 2 help others. I will let u know how this goes and what worked best. Best of luck 2 all of the other sufferers out there. Oh 1 thing I did try worked only temporarily tho was applying anbesol 2 the affected area. Wish there was a true numbing agent we could use. As I have them inside & out :-(

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Sorry to hear of your pain. I have been suffering also. My dr recently prescribed me a rectal rocket. Its made at my local pharmacy and all i can say is WOWWW does it help!!!! Google it and maybe ask ur dr for a rx. Hope this helps ya! :)

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