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At first sign apply over the counter Releev. Apply every few hours to keep blister from forming. If it formed while you were sleeping like mine, pop blister with needle and alternate ice for 15 min amd acv or rubbing alcohol to dry it out. Apply toothpaste overnight to help dry it out while sleeping.

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i like the sound of this one. I am going to try it and see if it works on me. i just recently got a fever blister. Thanks alot for the information.


Ok, so i use the releev, the first time i used it, it worked great! i usually get one fever blister a year and i just got over one, my lip is just starting to look right again. last night i felt the tingling and applied releev. I woke up this morning to find one fever blister on my lip and a bunch of tiny blisters above my lip. I have been alternating between releev and abreva all day! i am going to try this out! At this point, what could it hurt? my blisters just got worse throughout the day!!!! will let you know....


The Releeve didn't work for me, made the blister moist and angry looking.

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