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Bobby B.

I've used a product called the Ear Ease for over 10 years every time I fly. It's a hot water contianer you hold to your ear for a few minutes and it opens your ear. My wife got one years ago from the nurse at our daughters school when she had chronic ear pain. I just got another one on line at their web site.

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D. Morrison

I have used the Ear Ease for over 20 years. I read all of the'home Remedy's' and what I think makes the Ear Ease so different is that it is adressing the cause of most ear pain, that being a clogged Eustachian Tube. Kids have small and horizontial Eustachin Tubes and they are tiny and don't drain easily. I suffered for 10 years b4 i was give an Ear Ease from a college friend, it was the best gift I've ever gotten. I've bought some for friends but i stil use the one i got way back when. I won't fly without it. I fillit up w/ hot water, hold it to my ear just b4 take off and the same with landing. It has never failed me - not once. The heat increases the pressure just a tad in the middle ear and it opens up the Eustachian Tube. It is like a light going off when it opens up. I had tried severalof the ideas posted in the past but unless the ear drum is ruptured, anything you put into the outer canal just sits there until you pour it out or it evaporates. Those are all outer ear maladies like wax in the ear or swimmers ear. But from what i've experianced and read, most pain is from teh Eustachin tube being clogged or swollen or infected. When it is opened , it can drain and the ear can heal. If you have chronic ear pain ck out an Ear Ease, I believe they are 100% guaranteed if they dont work for U I thik they will take them back - no question. Anyway, that is my 2 cents or perhaps 50 Cents worth!!!

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