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I purchased a tube of Oraljel for mouth sores because it has an anticeptic in it. I took a little piece of paper towel, about an inch-x-inch square,squirt a line in the square, fold it and place it directly on the abscess. Not only does it numb but the antiseptic goes strait to the infection. I left it on for about a half hour and repeated it every hour. Only because I was doing this blind.. Also Unlike an antibiotic that you have to take for a few days. The blood flow that goes to the tooth is so small that its difficult for a good amount of antibiotic to get to the source of the pain. I have a crown and an abscess just popped up,I have been taking antibiotics for 3 day and it was not helping. With a little research I found out about the Oraljel. Well it wasn't exactly Oraljel I was suppose to use but the product that had been suggested was no where to be found. I got the information from a sight called Toothandteeth. Very good sight. Last night I had an awful fat abscess And I did the treatment stated and the abscess is almost gone and my face is no longer swollen...Goodluck.

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