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I hope all you folks using the home abcess remedies as something to tide you over for a brief time just until you get to the dentist.
I carried around a pair of bad wisdom teeth for a bit, and let me tell you there is no answer better than appropriate medical help. Turned out I had abcesses with both of them, and in the few days before I went to the dentist, nothing worked to alleviate the pain.

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Did you have your wisdom teeth in?? Cuz mine have not yet popped out... and a few months ago I had gotton an abscess on exactly where they are sopose to come out. and now i have another one in the same spot but on the other side. it gets so big i cant even close my mouth. Do you think im going to have to go to the dentist?? Is it bad to let it be? Im kind of freaking out cuz its now on the other side.

Mom B

Megan, it doesn't sound like you have this. Based on what you've written you likely have impacted wisdom teeth. You'll need to see a dentist to get his or her advice about what to do. You can't just leave them because you'll continue to be in pain and it could result in further complications.

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