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Pure fresh Garlic clove - Returned from Europe (Spain, France, etc) and noticed ringworm. I read alot of the remedies posted, and decided to try a couple of the remedies which sounded good. My wife suggested I try fresh garlic cloves, cut the clove into two pieces and apply the garlic directly to the ringworm. Additionally I took a garlic suppliment. There are a couple ways to kill ringworm, either sufficate it by nail polish etc, (suffication can take several weeks) or poison the ringworm...This is what Garlic does, less than a day, the ringworm was gone, for good.

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NOooooo the worst thing ever .. Need to be carefull with this!I had a nice 1 and a half inch round sized patchy ringworm on my left thigh.. Horrible and embarassing. My cousin who was studying herbal med. Suggested garlic. So I load up on 2 big garlic cloves, cleaned the clove from it skin cut in half and preSsed with knife lightly to release more juice, put on skin left for the whole day wrapped with a scarf on leg.. Told mom ' its burning!' 10 min in the process_ mom says ' its working leave it ' when I uncovered it there was a big blister and full of -- watery stuff -- It popped on its own but left a horrible scar.. I think I Needed less garlic for shorter amount of time ... I really felt like it was burning my skin ! Good luck


Me again... I know the the cause of my ringworm was when a goat got close to my leg on pops ranch ... Or used public restroom at mcdonalds with out protective sheet... They had long toilet seats barely touched that thigh area.. I know it was one of two ... Damn goats... Cheeseburgers !!seriously wish the best for all who face this situation


Ringworm actually isn't a worm at all, it's bacteria that is called ringworm because it looks like a worm, garlic and nail polish may kill the bacteria but it doesn't suffocate the worm.


^actually, ringworm is NOT a bacteria; it is a type of FUNGUS. just throwing that out there

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