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Hi people

After months of battling against at least 30 genital warts, using all the methods listed (with no complete success) i've finally found a solution that is amazing which i havent seen anywhere else!

Firstly, good health is the key. my outbreak began after months of taking MCAT and living a bad lifestyle. stupid i know but hey. If your immune system is low you've no chance of fighting them off.

Sort out your exercise, diet and get lots of good sleep. Cutting down on alchohol is important. Eat foods rich in zinc to help heal the skin and boost your immune system. Increase foods rich in sulfur: asparagus, eggs, citrus fruit, garlic, and onions. Take ECHINAEA. Maintaining this once rid of them, should prevent another outbreak.

I tried applying TTO every morning and night for a week. After spending about £30 no joy just an extremely raw scrotum and not much sleep! ACV exactly the same plus stinking like a chip shop all day. It requires alot of constant effort and time to maintain these methods and for me no real success.

I know these work for some people and im not doubting that, but if like me yours are persistent and need another method try this for instant results.

Buy some PH Down, should be no more than £5 available from loads of places on internet, some antiseptic cream and q tips

PH down is basically Phosphoric acid.The way phosphoric acid (or any acid e.g ACV) hurts you is by oxidizing the molecules in your skin. This happens constantly, even when acid isn't around. It just happens a LOT faster when it is.It is highly concentrated so be careful.

Using a Q tip apply a very small amount to the wart being careful not to get any on healthy skin. after a minute or so you will feel a tingleitch. The pain doesnt really go beyond this. wait half an hour or so and the wart will turn white and should blister slightly. this is good. Wait until the tingling stops(about an hour-i sat in the nuddy watching a film) then have a shower to wash off. Apply antiseptic cream and go to sleep pain free. I suggest doing 1 at a time, mainly so you dont have loads of blisters increasing risk of infection. In the morning you'll have
a nice little red blister where the wart was. once this heals it should have disappeared! Worked for me. Just one application to each wart and they've all gone within a few days of my skin healing for no more than a tenner!

Good luck

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What is TTO?


What is PH Down ??


what is acv ?


tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and PH down is an acidic house household cleaner


where can i get ph down from


what is the proper name for ph down


go to petco or local petstore in the fish dept they have ph test kits they have ph down. I tried it i had 2 my first out break one is just a smal tag and the other a larger I applied ph down on area just as stated i let it sit for 1/2 hour i rinsed area with water and peroxide i also suggest boric acid cream 10% AND TEA TREE OIL MIX ON THE AREA AFTERWARDS PUT THAT ON 2TO 3TIMES A DAY MY WART FELL OFF DAY 2 AND MY SMALL ONE IS ALMOST GONE THANKS I THOUGHT IWAS GOING TO LOSE IT.


what type of PH down should i buy? there's so many types, can you please state the exact brand and where to get it?

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