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this is going to sound really strange, but the only thing that takes the itch out of my hives is holding a blow dryer to them! Does anyone know why???

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It's probably the warmth of the hair dryer that gives you relief. You may need the homeopathic remedy Arsenicum. Go to ABC Homeopathy and look up remedies for hives. The symptoms will be listed with them. You can find these remedies at a Boiron display in Whole Foods or health food stores.


I have read that heat (the example was taking a hot shower) will bring all the histamines out, basically forcing them through their course quicker so it gets the histamines out of your system instead of suppressing them like medicine.


according to some articles, the Oriental thot about hives is that it comes from either hot wind or cold wind. If yours are the cold wind type, perhaps putting the hairdryer on them, warms up the cold air--thus decreasing the cold wind. So, you may want to read about how to eat to avoid the cold wind situation-- this is oriental philosophy.


Like you, the hot blow dryer directly on the intensely itching hives is the only thing that gave me some relief. That, plus as hot water as I could stand from a shower attachment held directly on them. Then I applied a baking soda/water paste. It hurts intensely at first, but it is a 'good' hurt compared to the itching. When the hurt stopped, I noticed that the itching also stopped. Then I would put it on another hive area until I treated all of them. As another person suggested, I, too, read that this releases the histamines in the area and speeds up the healing process. It was like an answer to a prayer when I discovered this treatment on my own. Crazy sounding, but effective. :-)

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