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My daughter had psoriasis develop when she was six years old. I tried steroids the doctor gave me, the over the counter products, and nothing seemed to help. One day her grandma brought over some cod liver oil supplements for us to try. What we did was poke a hole in the pill and rub the oil on her spots. Within two weeks her spots started disappearing... it was amazing...just thought others might want to know about this.

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How many times do you do a day? it's kinda smelly. I am doing it once a day at night after shower. I will try for two weeks and i'll keep posting the result. I am just like others, try anything that has a shade of light. Each person has a unique way to correct this sickness. There is cure but we have to try again, and again. Good luck

p.sP: I'll keep post in 2 weeks or so.


Ryan (again, as i promise to posted back my result).

After two weeks of trying this method. It really have a strong fishy smell and stain your clothes, so i would suggest to try on a spot on your feet and wear shock when you sleep so it doesn't stain your sheet. The result is relieft but not dramatically gone (just slightly), don't see much change but i think if you try longer might work. Again, each person has unique skin type. Try, it will be beat.

good luck.

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