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Honey has proven to be better than all medicinal antibiotics that are generally used to treat severe wounds like the ones caused by staph infections. It is known to release hydrogen peroxide onto the wound which helps to kill bacteria. Just apply a little honey on the wound with help of cotton and cover it with gauze or bandage.

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True! Although not human, my dog had a horrible infection. We had him on 2 very strong antibiotics for more than a week to no effect. We added a little topical honey and it was gone in 3 days! The vet (holistic) used manuka honey. It works 3 ways - creates hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria, covers wound to keep it from drying out or getting contaminates in the wound, and works with collagen to speed healing and reduce scaring. They used it on an open amputation site and it seemed to be soothing with absolutely no side effects.


I had a staph infection after a surgery that wasn't clearing up and they were saying they were going to have to call me into the hospital in the next few days if it didn't clear up for IV antibiotics. I got hold of some raw honey and put that on my infected stitches under a dressing, let the infection breathe at night and it cleared up pretty fast. I am told raw honey works best.


Evolution at work


It really works! I had an infection on my stomach & really didn't want to see the doctor. It was clearing up but there were a couple of areas with puss that was hard & I didn't know what to do. I applied the honey & within a few hours, the puss was gone & things were looking great!

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