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I have the hereditary type of RLS, which is typically more severe than acquired, and ran into this forum about midnight last night....(I would rather have been sleeping though).

My RLA was pretty well managed on Klonepin for the last 30 years, though my sleep patterns steadily got worse and I needed to increase the dose several times and add Codeine. The Klonepin caused severe depression and the high dose made me very sleepy in the day. I have been off for six weeks now, withdrawal was terrible.

I take D-Ribose for AMPD1, a hereditary muscular disease that causes the muscles to cramp and fatigue very easily. Roughly 5% of the Anglo population is a carrier of AMPD1. This and several other muscular diseases that cause severe fatigue during work/exercise sharply increase severity of RLS.

A very hot bath before bed sometimes puts me to sleep before RLS sets in. Snow is a real treat, as walking barefoot in snow for a while calms the legs very well. Since we seldom get snow, I have head&neck ice wraps made by Medi-Temp, and wrap one around each leg just below the knee.

The kitchen counter is the ideal height for stretching calves. Put your hands on the counter and one place one foot 4' back - then lean down to the counter to stretch that calf.

I wish you all a good nights sleep :)

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I just like your common sense, forthright narrative. You understand your illness. You do not talk about magnets, teas, bars of soap, or mind over matter. Thirty years with RLS!! Oh well, I am only about five years behind you. Good Luck and God Bless.

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