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I have suffered the worst pain of my life for the last three days, then i started reading the dry socket remedies. After about 10 of them I got up went to the store and bought the Red Cross Toothache kit, and to my relief the pain is gone. This stuff really works.

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Went to a hack of a dentist greg devor out of lakewood ohio to get 2 bottom wisdom teeth removed.he snapped my teeth into pieces then he grinded out the rest causing extreme pain.he gave me percs and no antibiotics.3 days later I got drysocket in both sides.he rinsed them out but didn't give me a clove dressing.I ate vics percs and oxys for days doing lil for da pain.I read this page and bought the toothache kit it was the best investment of my life.this page is a lifesaver mine and that dentists life to lol!!

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