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Believe it about clove oil, the stuff works. Saved my sanity.

Another simple thing that I haven't seen here yet that really helped me was simply swishing water around in my mouth around the dry socket. It might sting at first, but after 10 seconds the pain would go away. The relief was limited, only about a minute or two, but then I would just swish again.

For days now I've carried around water bottles, sometimes swishing every 2 minutes for hours on end. I would either swallow the water or spit it out.

Considering that the pain from dry socket comes from the bone drying out, it makes sense that water would help.

It seems to work even better with gauze packed into the socket, and letting that get soaked as well.

I hope this helps someone.

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Just water. What bout salt water? i am 8 hours away from my dentist and looking for ways to help heal my mouth. i think i only have one out of the four with dry socket. not in to much pain just want the swelling to go down and be able to eat food again.


no no no salt water thats to cleanse the wound and if your not in pain then you do not have dry socket sorry sounds as if you have/had a infection of some type cause trust me if you had dry socket you would know.And to the person whom posted this in the first place ace one hell of a job your right cold water works great may sound like it dosent but it does not for a long period but for right then it works till u get some clove oil and thank you so very much you are my hero

Marjie IN PAIN

I had my left bottom molar pulled Monday 8/1/11 and I've been in terrible pain since. I went back to the Dentist and he removed a piece of bone sticking through my gum and told me I have a dry socket. I am on Vicodin every three hours and taking three advil at the same time and still have no relief!
I have an hour left of work then I'm heading straight to Walgreens for the Red Cross Toothache Kit. I pray it works as all of you have said. I'll post again after I use it and let you know if I find relief. If not, I don't know what i'll do...I think I'd rather be in labor :(

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