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Ok, so like quite a few of you, I'm in a bad situation. No dental insurance, and had an abscess pop up out of nowhere. If possible, I think this one started because of a sinus infection. Anyway, it took three weeks before it even started to pain me and cause face swelling, but it took a weekend for me to make a significant dent in taking care of it, while searching for insurance. Here's the method I used to help with mine, and I'll thank the naysayers in advance to keep their opinions to themselves because this is what worked for me.

You'll need a few things for starters:
1. Ibuprofen
2. Tea bags (I'd say about two or three, plain black ones work.)
3. Water. Lots of it.

Ok, so for starters, take ibuprofen right away. And I mean ibuprofen, not aspirin; you absolutely cannot substitute aspirin for it, or I couldn't. It will do wonders for the pain itself, as well as making headway with the swelling. So, yes. Take a couple, with a lot of water. That will be beneficial later on.

If your abscess hasn't come to a head yet, this is where the first of the tea bags will come in. Take a dry one, fold it in half, and put it in your mouth, pressing it against the abscess. Yes, it will be disgusting, and it will hurt, but if you took my advice with the ibuprofen and wait half an hour or so before doing it, it'll be bearable. Leave the tea bag in for half an hour, and keep a napkin or something with you, because you'll start drooling eventually, and you don't want to stain your clothes with tea drool. For me, that brought the abscess to a head rather fast.

Here, you'll need to pop the abscess. I took a safety pin, unbent it, sterilized it with hydrogen peroxide and then ran it over a flame quickly, before wiping it and letting it cool down. Then, I just went ahead and popped the abscess. The ibuprofen will once again minimize the pain from that.

Take another teabag and place it in your mouth, against the abscess again. This will put pressure on it to keep it draining, as well as absorb everything coming out. Trust me when I say the taste of the tea bag is much better than the taste of the drainage.

You should start seeing a noticeable difference in facial swelling right away then. For me however, it didn't go down that much, and using ice to reduce the swelling did absolutely nothing. So, if you have another tea bag, or prefer coffee, I'd suggest drinking something caffeinated. Not soda though, and I seriously recommend against using sugar or creamer in your coffee or tea. The caffeine did an amazing job in bringing down the swelling for me.

Finally, water, and lots of it. I've been forcing myself to drink tons of it, and I've noticed that's also helping with the swelling, as well as the ibuprofen.

I hope this helps anyone who's suffering. As for me, I'm looking into dental plans at the moment, because I know this is only a quick fix, but a quick one is better than none at all.

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