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im 18 yearz(female) old n got an outbreak last first started like a tag..a single 1 n i was like shit freaked out..went to see a doc ..said it dint luk lyk a wart..just a tag..*phew * relief! BUT IT WASNT! coupla weeks later i gt an outbrek-gt lyk 7 of em nw..gna see di doc tomoro buh den bet hz gna gimme sum crappy med dat wont wont!so ama try out di ACV >>>fingers crossed.

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don't be an idiot on purpose

sorry for your troubles with genital warts. they are a nightmare. future tip, please use real words and complete sentences. people can understand you and take you more seriously. #StopSpreadingIgnorance


I have no clue what you just said....


What was that?

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