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DRINK MORE WATER!!! Keep yourself hydrated. If you are lacking water so are your muscles. Your body is mostly water. You must constantly replenish it as you lose moisture throughout the day. The pain may just be your body's way of screaming for thirst!

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I have always believed in drinking water to maintain good health. I am usually good about doing it but sometimes get out of the habit.

I am 49 and have had lower back pain since 27 which flares up once or twice a year. I am a programmer and sit a lot at the computer--some days I may sit 10 or 12 hours straight.

My back went out recently after several 12 hour days at the computer. I did my usual visits to my chiropractor but the pain did not subside, even after two weeks. The pain in fact stayed at a high level--8 on a scale of 1-10. In the past, it would take maybe 2 or 3 visits to get back to normal.

After the second week, I realized I had not been drinking water, perhaps for the previous month or so. I started drinking a lot of water and over the next 3 to 5 days my pain went away, completely.

My chiropractor agreed that it was mainly drinking more water that allowed me to recover.

I have had more 12 hour days at the computer since but have kept in the habit of drinking water and have not had any back pain at all.


I have chronic back pain. When it gets really bad I up my water intake ALWAYS! I get a bit obsessed with it almost:) I think it helps? Hard to tell because the pain never goes away but the higer level of pain subsides after increasing my water intake.

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