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As Ive gotten older, RLS has progressively gotten worse for me. RLS during pregnancy was HELL!!! Ive had alot of time to try things, almost 30 years! An RX called Ropinirole (sp?)
works really well, but its $95.00 for about 15 w/no insurance and I sometimes need 2 or 3 a night. Ive borrowed Vicodin from my Dad, like tonite, Im up at 1 AM writing this cause it is soooo bad. Banana's, sometimes, calcium used to help, now...just a little sometimes,warmed milk, a slice of wheat bread or crackers...carbs? seem to help...I know right? But last thing I wanna do is eat all night. Heat or pain creams, Bengay, Vicks, Aspercreme help, then I wrap my legs in tight ace bandages. ..Ridiculous, I know...Lately, even walking more, seems to make it worse?? Ive heard its linked to Parkinsons...really? Do we know what causes this horrible stuff??

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You can purchase Ropinrole cheap at Costco. Even if you're not a member, the pharmacy has to serve you, it's the law. I've been taking Ropinrole for a number of years now. Also, if I forget to take my med and the symptoms start the medicine doesn't work. So, I've found taking a hot shower or, if available, a hot tub works to calm the legs down. Some nights I'm so tired all I want to do is go to sleep and I can't so I'll do exercises till my legs cramp and then I'll settle down. It's really hit or miss with me....I'm going to try taking the Magnesium in the afternoon when the symptoms start and see if that helps. I have heard that it is linked to Parkinsons Disease somehow. My older sister has Essential Tremors which, also, is related to Parkinsons....go figure!! Those fetal stretches may be good, also. Worth a try....

Miserable in Cartersville

I have had RLS for many many years. My Grandmother and mother also have and I see traits in my girls. Last September I broke my left wrist. In the past 4 months my RLS has been alot worse. Now I have been on calcium, iron, mag and vit D for about 2 months. Still symptoms are worse. I have been sleeping on the sofa to keep from waking my husband. And this is not good for him or me. I know now what my grand mother meant when she said 'I am going to cut the legs off'.

Any suggestions.


You could try vitalCALM. It's natural, it raises dopamine/improves dopamine function with none of the side effects of the drugs


I have had RLS for years. Inherited from both parents. I have taught exercise classes for 20 years and exercise can definitely make it much worse-both parents and i agree on that. Heavy-weight strength training, spinning and swimming are some of the worst. Vicodin works like a miracle but after 5 years my dose is higher than I am comfortable with. My doctor has given me Requip but i'm afraid to start it because of the side effects. Recently my RLS has started to be an issue at work in the afternoon. It only happens if I get drowsy after lunch. I also can't lie down on Sat or sunday afternoon and watch TV. I doze off, then wake up in 5 minutes and have get up and jog around the house. This is a horrible condition. it has gotten worse with age so i think with women it is somewhat hormone related. When I was younger i really only had it certain times of the month.

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