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I HAVE THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I am really shocked to have only found 1 other person who has suggested this and it was a lifesaver. A year ago i started to get a bad toothache. I am 31yrs old and had not been to the dentist since i was probably in Elementary (yikes! thats bad, i know)… i did not have $$ to cover my cost to go see a dentist so i did the normal thing and bought some Orajel and Advil. I could not sleep and was in severe pain. It started out to be every other couple days, then every other day then everyday. this went on for 3 months and i was in tears almost every night. i used so much Orajel it made my stomach hurt and i would sleep with a papertowel in my mouth so i could keep my mouth open and not drool on the bed. second to childbirth this was the worst pain i have ever expierenced. this also caused earaches and then bad migraines. i was taking 3 advils every four hours but this did not help much. i had a very bad decaying wisdom tooth, this caused the nerves to be anything including air is felt by the nerves which is causing pain. but your teeth can also have holes which will also leave nerves exposed and that is why some poeple have “sensative” teeth. i tried Aleve and it knocked me out. i was able to nap for about an hour and woke up feeling so refreshed but that was still temporary… i tried some of the same things that are also posted but nothing workd, i made one last attempt to go to store and just search all the shelves for anything new that might work and came across **SENSODYNE TOOTHPASTE**, as i was reading the label i was like “BAMM, THIS IS IT!”…it was for sensative teeth, basically it creates a barrier on the tooth and seeps through any holes in the tooth to calm the nerves and block them, thus they are not as exposed and i should not be in pain…… i tried it and within few minutes the pain was gone and was gone ALL DAY!! i replaced my old toothpaste with sensodyne brushing 2-3times a day and HALLELUJAH !!!! I WAS PAIN FREE. I HAD THE OCCASIONAL SET BACK AND I MIGHT FELL A MINOR TOOTHACHE FOR COUPLE HOURS BUT THIS WAS ONLY COME *ONCE* EVERY COUPLE OF WEEKS BUT HOLY CRAP THAT WAS A WHOLE LOT BETTER THE 24/7. I EVENTUALLY WAS ABLE TO GET IN TO DENTIST AND HAD THE TOOTH PULLED AND ALL IS BACK TO NORMAL. ***PLEASE TAKE MY ADVISE…….TRY SENSODYNE TOOTHPASTE!!!!!!!!!**** and good luck.

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Are you kidding me!? did i get drunk and write this myself! I am 31, decaying wisdom tooth, haven't been to the dentist since elementary school, ear pain! headaches!! Advil and origel till i'm sick!!

Kim G.

THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! I didn't know how much longer I could bear not sleeping, eating, and the pain. I started going down the list of all these suggestions, warm water, salt, clove oil, orajel, etc. None of them worked, but I was willing to start going down the list until something worked. Then I cam across your post about Sensodyne, and it made logical sense...AND IT WORKED. I went to the dentist today, and she game me something for pain and an antibotic. But it hasn't helped the pain. I brushed with Sensodyne, and 5 minutes later I was sleeping like a baby. WHY DON'T DENTISTS JUST RECOMMEND THIS UNTIL THE TOOTH IS EXTRACTED? WHY? Well for anyone reading the posts, just start trying some of these remedies, but I recommend starting with the Sensodyne.


Thanks for the tip. You're a real life saver here.

Mimi Love

I'm a person with a zero pain tolerance and so when I have a toothache, I get really upset. I have a cavity in one of my molars and it sucks times a million. It is making the 2 teeth in front of it hurt too, so it's like having 3 toothaches at 1 time. I have tried orajel, holding cold stuff like ice cream, ice cubes, and ice packs, flossing, brush my teeth with so many toothpastes that my gums were bloody and painful to the touch. My 8th grade promotion is on Friday and I'm going to see all my friends and I want to be able to talk, laugh, and have some fun and with a toothache, I wouldn't be able to so I was willing to try anything. I couldn't even drink or eat without pain and I was and am so hungry. I tried the salt and water thing, taking medicine, cough drops and just about everything that people have written on his website. I read this and had the toothpaste so I thought what the hell, brushed my teeth and it worked!!! Thank you so freaking much and now I can laugh and talk and eat. I have an ice pack to my cheek to help with my gums being all swelling and what not be anyway, I hope you guys have the same luck I did. Bye!!!!!! <3 ;) ^_^


I have used synsodyne for some time. Had a partial root canal, have to wait three days for the rest. I applied it to the area after swishing with salt water and warm towels to the face. Seems to be helping...not all sure yet.

Pam In IL

I posted the last comment...I needed more time...I have been using this toothpaste for 10 years per my dentist. Because I was taking an antibiotic and prescribed pain meds, I was not brushing as stupid was that!!! I am feelimg better..I applied directly to the area and it is working. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


You are an absolute star! I have literally been sobbing for the last 4 hours ad the pain had been so so bad. I swear I've like almost overdosed on various pain killers, and bam! A bit of Colgate pro-argent toothpaste, and the pains lifted so much. It's creeping back, but hopefully the pain killers may finally kick in, and if I use a tube of £1.99 toothpaste, then so be it! Thanks again!


Thanks so much for this tip it is brilliant. My tooth ache was so severe it affected my ears and head but this works. I used colgate pro relief whilst waiting to see the dentist, have since had the tooth removed but tooth paste was a life saver in the mean time.

Very Grateful!

Thank you soooooo much for posting that, it worked about after 5 minutes or so after using it! I will finally be able to get some sleep tonight until dentist appt. tomorrow!


I had severe pain in the upper back molar area of a tooth that is capped. It was a holiday weekend, so I just left a voicemail on my Dentist phone.

I came to this site after I had tried ibuprofen, acetaminophen & rinsing my mouth with whisky. The pain was intolerable.

My husband went & bought a tube of sensodyne toothpaste. I applied it to the gum & tooth area. It worked like a charm!! It still hurt for about 15 min.....but the pain was less intense.

I fell asleep (I was exhausted from lack of sleep) for an hour. I was pain free.

My dentist just called. I told him what happened and how severe the pain was. He said it was from nerve damage or irritation b/c the sensodyne would not have worked if it was an infection. He called me in a prescription to keep on hand, in case it comes back ever again & he is away for the weekend.

He said it may come back or it may never happen again.

This site was a lifesaver for me.

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