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I HAVE THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I am really shocked to have only found 1 other person who has suggested this and it was a lifesaver. A year ago i started to get a bad toothache. I am 31yrs old and had not been to the dentist since i was probably in Elementary (yikes! thats bad, i know)… i did not have $$ to cover my cost to go see a dentist so i did the normal thing and bought some Orajel and Advil. I could not sleep and was in severe pain. It started out to be every other couple days, then every other day then everyday. this went on for 3 months and i was in tears almost every night. i used so much Orajel it made my stomach hurt and i would sleep with a papertowel in my mouth so i could keep my mouth open and not drool on the bed. second to childbirth this was the worst pain i have ever expierenced. this also caused earaches and then bad migraines. i was taking 3 advils every four hours but this did not help much. i had a very bad decaying wisdom tooth, this caused the nerves to be anything including air is felt by the nerves which is causing pain. but your teeth can also have holes which will also leave nerves exposed and that is why some poeple have “sensative” teeth. i tried Aleve and it knocked me out. i was able to nap for about an hour and woke up feeling so refreshed but that was still temporary… i tried some of the same things that are also posted but nothing workd, i made one last attempt to go to store and just search all the shelves for anything new that might work and came across **SENSODYNE TOOTHPASTE**, as i was reading the label i was like “BAMM, THIS IS IT!”…it was for sensative teeth, basically it creates a barrier on the tooth and seeps through any holes in the tooth to calm the nerves and block them, thus they are not as exposed and i should not be in pain…… i tried it and within few minutes the pain was gone and was gone ALL DAY!! i replaced my old toothpaste with sensodyne brushing 2-3times a day and HALLELUJAH !!!! I WAS PAIN FREE. I HAD THE OCCASIONAL SET BACK AND I MIGHT FELL A MINOR TOOTHACHE FOR COUPLE HOURS BUT THIS WAS ONLY COME *ONCE* EVERY COUPLE OF WEEKS BUT HOLY CRAP THAT WAS A WHOLE LOT BETTER THE 24/7. I EVENTUALLY WAS ABLE TO GET IN TO DENTIST AND HAD THE TOOTH PULLED AND ALL IS BACK TO NORMAL. ***PLEASE TAKE MY ADVISE…….TRY SENSODYNE TOOTHPASTE!!!!!!!!!**** and good luck.

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I'm going to try this, it makes since. Thank you, and ur right, I've said it many times, I'd rather give birth to twins w/o pain killer than have a tooth ache...and yes I know that would be VERY painful, I had my daughter too quick to have any pain meds....THOUGHT it was the worst pain imaginable...I was wrong!


got some of this for my wife last night. she was in real agony & this made it much better in about 15 minutes. it's obviously not a fix (dentist will take care of that tomorrow), but this allowed her to get a good night's sleep. would've easily been worth 10 times the price, thanks for the tip!


My daughter is in really bad pain...ima going to tell her about ur really makes sense...i hope it works on her,cause i hate seeing my baby girl in pain...thanks


This Really Works... Thank you soo much.


I have had tooth pain to the point of where even the biggest man would cry. I have tried all things and what worked is Sensodine tooth paste, salt water and eugenol oil and clove oil. It can be found in some pharmacies. Right now my daughter has severe pain I've tried ice , tea bags, eugenol , salt water and alcohol on it. A combo of rum and salt water rinse worked to calm down some pain but eugenol oil and sensodine works best!


Thank you so much for this recommendation! My boyfriend is in a lot of pain and I tried boiling a pot of water with salt, cayenne, and ground cloves but small results. he is really stubborn and it took me a whilento convince him to let me do that. But I think I can get him to switch toothpaste


woah... this works!!!! praise the Lord i can get to sleep! God bless uou for posting this!

mziwonke thele xaba (fbook)

Wow well I've used colgate and it works !try it ull see !


use a regular toothbrush not a spin brush it will make it way worst and it did work thank you


I am so happy I found your post today!! I have been having the worst tooth pain that has kept me up at night. I am 8 months pregnant and am not able to take a lot of things for it. I ran to the store and got some of this stuff and it was such a relief!! Thanks so much for your suggestion!!!

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