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Hi. Im 19 i have 2 boys i had horible strech marks. I used a bottle of cocoe butter with vitamine c and aloe oil in it, i dumped half the bottle out and added almost a whole thing of vasaline and a little bit of water and 2 large white eggs and mixed it all together and it took 3 weeks for mine to completly be GONEE....

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what brand was the cocoa butter with vitamin c and aloe oil in it, and where did you buy it? do you have before and after pics?


i have the same questions ^^


^^^^^^ yesss pleaseee!


where can you buy the cocoa butter? i started using the vics vapor rub but it doesn't work. i almost used for about 2 weeeks


Do u have any before and after pics? And does it really work in about 3 weeks and do it just make them lighter and still visible.


can you please tell us the brand of lotion and were the marks GONE or just not seen visibly??

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