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My grandparents owned a bakery for years and swore that applying chlorine bleach to a burn was the answer. Working as a TIG welder, burns are a fact of life, however, I'm not far from my squirt bottle of bleach. I don't know how or why it works, but burns that would normally blister, don't. The pain is instantly gone and the next day isn't even red!

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Janell D.

The bleach REALLY works! My daughter burned her finger and had a blister coming up, poured bleach on it and the pain went away within seconds. Thanks for that remedy.


My daughter just burned her fingers taking a cookie sheet out of oven. Blisters began to form and she was in alot of pain. Applied the bleach and within a few minutes she felt relief. Blisters subsided.


We came accross this because we are looking for something to take away a burn and the pain, as my daughter burn herself from steaming veggies. She is saying that it burns a little when the bleach is put on the burn, but she can handle the pain better. Hopefully the blister doesnt form, we will wait till tomorrow to see what happens. But she does say the pain hasnt gone away yet.
Till tomorrow


isnt that weird it really does work


Bleach is Definitely NOT the way to go! My aunt Carol told my mom to put bleach on my sister's hand when she got burned and the bleach started foaming..Suddenly my sister's hand started burning terribly..Upon rinsing the bleach off, she had a hole in her skin...The bleach burned off her skin! Again, Do not apply bleach to a burn!!


Bleach worked wonders for me after trying other multiple things - aloe vera and ice for 10 min I remembered a friend had relayed the info on clorox for burns. My burn was turning brown and went from brown to red. I rubbed it into the skin as it felt so soothing. I washed it off and reapplied it, put manuka honey and coconut oil on it. Easily this went from a second degree burn to barely visible and pain free. The bleach was the most visible healer.

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