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I contracted both HSV-1 and HSV-2 in September 2010. My first OBs of both were late September, and I found out with a pos blood test that I had both. Yikes.

I thought my life was over and quite honestly, the HSV-1 was for me worse because it caused pretty obvious cold sores on my mouth, rather than HSV-2 causing an itchy rash 'down there' where the public would not see.

I immediately went on Acyclovir, but it made me kinda sick. Still got a cold sore once a month right before my period started (was on the pill at the time). On the good side, the Acyclovir kept my GH OBs at bay, leaving my first OB my only one.

After experiencing heart flutters and palpitations (not sure if related to Acyclovir - talk to a doc about that one), I decided to go off both the BC pill and Acyclovir in Dec 2010.

Since then (it is now March 2011), I've only had one GH OB (about a week after stopping Acyclovir) and NO cold sores.

I may have lucked out with a mild case of both, but here is what I do:

- Herpecin lip balm on lips like ALL THE TIME. I put this under my lip gloss even. Use especially at bedtime. It comes in a chapstick size container with an OBVIOUS label...just peel the label off and BAM! regular blistex people - nothing to see here! :)

- Drink plenty of water and stay away from sodas.

- Eat foods high in lysine and low on arginine - google this.

- Get plenty of rest and avoid stress. Stress is still the most common OB trigger EVERRRRR. When any life stressors eat at me I say to myself 'you're still alive', remembering what it was like to get the news, overcome it, and be thankful and I didn't get something life-threatening.

- If you are on the pill, stop taking it if you can. You should be using condoms anyways.

- If I get a cold sore, I pop it. You're not supposed to, but you can speed the heal time of it if you DO pop it, but there is the risk you will spread it somewhere else. Please watch out for touching your lips and then rubbing your eyes; same goes for GH OBs.....

- When I feel prodrome coming on (the tingling feeling right before a HSV-1 or HSV-2 outbreak), I will ice the area, RELAX, drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest, and use the Herpecin on my lips if I can, and an acyclovir topical gel on the GH OBs. These creams are marketed and sold my a pharmacist for a REASON; they work.

- Take daily vitamins, and Lysine supplements don't hurt, either. I don't take Lysine supplements, but I've been told people swear by them.

- Tell at least one person you love that you are infected. It helps to not keep it a secret - you're not a terrible person for having this - it's a damn skin disease, just with bad social stigma that in time will fade, especially since they are working on a cure soon.

Chin up and remember - you're still alive, so go live your life and don't let this get in the way :)

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I just want to say thank you for posting this! you are absolutely correct & I felt better after reading what you had said... It gives me more of an idea on what I now need to do to take care of me with HSV-2 too. I was ashamed and felt the worst I ever had about myself b/c of this. But by reading what you had written, it gave me an amazing & positive outlook on the whole issue. I wish you all the best & God Bless!


staying unstressed is the hardiest part,,, im 19 yrs old and i found out at 17 that the man i had a child with slept around while i was at home tending to the baby,,, about a week after finding that out my doctor tells me that i have herpes,,, he left me alone to care for our child by myself,, ive never felt so ashamed in my life,, i did nothing and now i reap the benefits of an unfaithful man,, i struggle day to day to get by,, how do you not get stressed?


I am a 32 year old single parent of 3. I have herpes for the same reason you do. I get by one day at a time. My kid's father doesn't help me in any way. I've learned to wake up every morning thanking God that I am here to see another day and that my children are well and healthy. Don't stress the things you have no control over. Do whatever you can to better yourself. Things will get easier as time goes on....patience is friend! I hope this has helped you if even just a little.


Mindy, i found your comment informative, but in a couple places you had misinformation. First and formost, herpes is not a skin disease if it was there would be a cure. It is a viral infection that lives in your nervous system and when you get stressed it triggers the virus. You will find out that you can have an outbreak in the same place time and again. Secondly, there is no cure for it. They are working on shots to keep you from getting it, but once you have it you will have it for life. I should know, i have had for 19 yrs. I have seen that you state masturbating causes more outbreaks. I don't know if that is completely true, it all depends on where you have your outbreaks. My outbreaks tend to be on my pubic area, not on the labia (inner or outer), so masturbating isn't a cause for the outbreak. I wish you luck. Always be forthright in telling all potential partners, even if it means rejections.


Dear mindy...i absolutely soooo needed to take in the words of advice u left at the very end of ur comment about tell at least one person u love n the part about a cure soon n also that its just a bad skin disease. my fear is never findn a mate to accept me. but i also refuse to pass it on. its hurtful to feel like a plague. but thank u very much!!


heyy there i have HSV1 cold sores on my mouth, and as u told its worse because its abvious!! i used to take cyclovex once per day for 6 months and i didn't get any outbreaks, after i stopped the acyclovir in 2 months i got cold sore!! :S
now iam so sad what should i do!! its possible to continue with the acyclovir daily?? the doctor told me for only six months... so do u have any other efficent therapy for that!!
on my opinion the food and water and vitamins will not prevent from outbreaks!!

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