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Entire body hives from scalp to bottoms of feet; think caused by a prescription med for my colon. Made mistake of taking a warm bath with soda. Do not do that! It made matters MUCH worse. Went to E.R., got steroid shot which helped for about 2-3 hrs at the expense of $500. Then took 3 doses of the E.R. prescribed Prednisone tablets. At the most, I got 1-2 hrs of relief after waiting over an hour for it to 'kick in' at all. Quit that after 3 doses although rx was for 9 doses. The risks of taking it WAY outweighed any benefit. During the first 3 days, ice packs are the ONLY thing that gave me any relief at all, but it is impossible to keep ice packs on your entire body. On my fourth day since this started, I was as bad or worse off than the beginning; at this point, I took a cool shower (no soap), patted dry, applied Caladryl lotion to every square inch of my body affected, dried the lotion with a blow-dryer set on cool, dressed in lightweight cotton pj's. I then took 1 generic Claritin antihistamine tablet, 2 generic Zantac (75 mg each) (although it's for stomach ailments, the e.r. doc said it has an H-2 blocker which can help with allergies, hives), and 2 extra strength Tylenol (I cannot take Advil because of a colon condition, but if you can take it might work as well as Tylenol) (I also cannot stand to take Benadryl, it gives me restless leg syndrome, but if you can take it might be as effective as the Claritin). Since then I have sat very still so that my clothes or movement are not aggravating the hives. I have now had about 3 hrs. of total relief, which is more than I had combined relief since the beginning. If it flares up again (which I assume it probably will for a few more times) I intend to take the Claritin and the Zantac every 12 hrs. and the Tylenol and Caladryl as needed.

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what you have said is what I have come to understand from researching is the best to do for yourself. Only thing is and your should not take advil or aspirin(wich you said you didnt but that it might help has much as Tylenol)Advil and aspirin will agrivate the ras more! Also I'm taking oil of oregano one drop daily and you can put 1 drop of oil of oregano to a yable spoon of olive oil and use as a rub on itchy skin.

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