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andy of Iowa

I have found that the best way to cure poison ivy is to take a piece of rusty iron and a cutting torch along with a metal bucket 1/2 full of water, hold the iron over the bucket, and then take your torch and begin cutting, allowing the metal slag to fall in the water. After the water turns haze colored rub hands and arms completely for about 1 minute and then drip dry. This has worked great for me and clears the rash and stops the itch completely within 12 hours.

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i voted a 5 in error for the poison ivy remedy. Please disregard it.

open sore

you're as crazy as the sandpaper guy!


Your a bit looney.


After doing this I'm sure the poison ivy will seem like nothing compared to the tetanus you get.


Dude are you nuts' or maybe you been watching to much of Looney Tunes, get out of town it does not work.



Rusty Cleaver

Very weird to bath your open wound in... RUST??? I just went to my doc today for poison ivy, and he updated my tetnus shot. maybe he thought I was gonna try this remedy :P

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