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Collin, Maryland

I have always had a problem with tons of little blackheads on my nose. I am a very active guy and that's where they tend to be. I read the remedies on the pages and put a twist on it. I boiled some water and added salt and baking soda. I let it come to a small boil. I took it OFF the stove and let it COOL down enough where it was very hot but would not blister my skin. Then gently I used a toothbrush and applied it to my nose and GENTLY brushed. It worked like a CHARM.

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it didnt work it just irritated my skin and it burned!!!


I want to give u props it worked beautifully on me!!!!! I did it overnight just incase it would irritate, well it did a little but my face was super shiny and felt super soft. And common sense people about adding the ingredients just add alot I did and it worked my make- up looks super smooth and I am super happy about ur face receipe lol but thank you very much gnna try this like once a week!!!! Thanks


i did it and burnt my nose it was really painfull i dont recommend this we need supervision and is bad on sensitive skin ...




heyy. did you make a paste or was it watery?


I tryed doing this and it just burned... I've done everything and nothing seems to work. I've done pore strips, this, special face washes, everything... This just got my hopes up. I'm glad it worked for some people though! :)


how often do you do this?


So after researching all over the internet I decided that this remedy sounded the best. I was skeptical that it would work as quickly as everyone said it would and was nervous about the 'burning' sensation everyone described. So I decided to use honey afterward to calm the redness as well as lift out the blackheads. And surprisngly, after just one night i noticed smaller black heads, and even ones that were gone altogether! It did tingle a bit but nothing bad and the honey made it feel great. I definately recommend trying! Thanks for the idea!


I'm going to try.this tomorrow. Fingers crossed! For those who have sensitive skin or have tried this with success with the exception of burning: Try chamomile. Make a very strong, concentrated chamomile tea. I grab a handful of bags and add about a cup of boiling water to it. Let irt cool. Chamomile has soothing, healing properties. I make it for my father who uses out to calm the redness and pain from his rosacea. Use it after you rinse. Keep it in a container in the refrigerator so its even cooler and will help shrink your pores once the blackhead treatment I'd complete. What a great thread!


Omg thank u thank u thank u! My forehead has had millions of blackheads for years and nothing worked. I tried this and they all shrunk! Just like that! It's amazing. I'll try it again tomorrow and let u know how it went. :)

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