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Collin, Maryland

I have always had a problem with tons of little blackheads on my nose. I am a very active guy and that's where they tend to be. I read the remedies on the pages and put a twist on it. I boiled some water and added salt and baking soda. I let it come to a small boil. I took it OFF the stove and let it COOL down enough where it was very hot but would not blister my skin. Then gently I used a toothbrush and applied it to my nose and GENTLY brushed. It worked like a CHARM.

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Taylor F

Do you leave the mixture on for a set amount of time or take it off immediately? Also, how often do you need to do it?


it worked like magic :D
a little pain but my nose is so clear
i cleansed my skin with a toothbrush and then left it to dry up on my face...
with cotton, i then cleansed it with rose water... its sore, but it worked :D


I will try this and then I will post my ''experience''. Hope it works!


It did clear my skin and hope will stay that way.


hi there,

how much water, salt and baking soda do i use?

Thanks =)


hey! Could u tell me for much tym shud i bOil the water...nd to leave it for hOw mUch tYm..!
Plx rply fAst...


he might answer your comment if it was easily read..... js


Wow this worked great ! My blackheads are pretty deep and sometimes really noticeable and i needed a way to exterminate 'em before school started ! Thank You, your a genius !


didnt work


I'm going to try this Every night for the next couple days it's the excat problem I have but only I'm a girl... And I want to get ride of the before school starts!

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