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Im 41. And like all of you ive tried everything. Pills, pot, meditation, sex, drugs, rock and roll, all the herbs, henbane, kava, valerian, hops, shitloads of booze. Anything to just stop my brain from telling me i am going to die. Sleep used to be a joke. I tried all the anti-depressents, narcotics etc. But i have found the holy grail for all of us.

Breakfast - 250 mgs of GABA
Lunch - 250 MGs of GABA
Dinner - 250 MGS of GABA
Before bed - 500 MGs of GABA and 500 MGS of Magnesium(Ionic Fizz is the best)

Its important to know that your panic attack is a sympton of a lie that our brains are telling us. It tells us its time to worry and blast off. Do what i do and tell your brain to STFU. And it hates it when i do something positive that builds self esteem. Running or walking etc.

Now for the last thing that will set you free. GET OUT OF OURSELVES AND INTO SOMEONE ELSE. I cant stress this enough. In the middle of your attack, go but a couple 1$ hamburgers and give them to a homeless man. Tell him you love him and that God does as well. Then shake his or her hand. You will think about that person and the good you did all day. Thats my meditation.

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are you talking about gabapentin?


no they are referring to GABA - gamma amino butyric acid, I have been suffering from extreme anxiety and panic attacks for several years and this is the only thing that works with out negative side effects. It works best for me in conjunction with inisitol.


was feeling awful i could really relate to what you were saying and found it inspirational.Especially the part about telling your brain to stfu,thanks


Im referring to GABA. Gamma-Aminobutyric-Acid. The dosages i mentioned is simply a maintenance program. It keeps my anxiety at bay. But sometimes i cant control it and it starts rocking and rolling. So i take a 750 mg tablet along with a Myocalm PM. Thats a herbal supplement made by Metagenics. Its a natural sleep aid but works wonders if your pinned on worry like i get. The very best GABA i have found imo is Source Naturals. All nicotine and caffiene had to be removed from my diet. The GABA at 750 MGs usually shuts my brain off. Not zombie like but it just stops the rat race inside my head. Ive dangled my feet over a bridge before because f my condition. B vitamins are also very important but B12 which is needed sometimes induces anxiety for me. So i have to take it in small ammounts. Like less than 100 mcgs a day. Also like i said my anxiety and panic disorder wants to pin me to the floor with chains. Thats when i go into combat mode and do something that creates self esteem. Doing something positive for just me isnt always the answer. I have to do something for someone else. It used to always be about me and what people could do to help me. But now i realize the formula is the opposite.


Three hours ago I did not know if I was going to make it. Some GABA, and Calcium/Magnesium and a short walk and I am full-on relaxed. I know I could lay down right now and take a nap. Thanks for this great advice.


GABA can be really dangerous. I would never recommend anyone try anything like this when anxiety and panic attacks can easily be stopped using the panic away technique. You can read my full story using it at


LOL. Nice shamless bit of spam there. GABA is sold in health food stores and is harmless. Whats dangerous is trying to instill fear in the needy in order to get them to try your product. In the UK wher benzodiazepine abuse is off the charts they banned GABA because its so effective in the treatment of Anxiety/panic. They can make more money by making it available as a prescription and without tarnishing the sales of the huge amounts of benzos in the country.


Hey, I'm not sure what 'telling your brain to STFU' is? Please explain, no need to spell out any cuss words! :)


I have a family member that was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I have tried GABA in conjunction with other supplements with limited success. I wasn't running a test either, to be fair, and it would be impossible to say that I felt better at that time, or him, since it would be too hazy in our minds.
I'm sure it cannot hurt. The way I see it, if it works for some, it works. The one thing I was reading was that GABA taken orally has a hard time passing through the blood-brain barrier. Well written though; even made me laugh. I've tried most all those same things.



I'll try anything to stop these extremely frightening attacks, so thank you for the info. The only thing that made me hesitate and question anything was where you advised going out and doing something for someone. Maybe everyone's panic attacks are different, BUT I CAN BARELY MOVE, I END UP ON THE FLOOR BENT IN HALF, CLUTCHING MY HEART, THE PAIN AND SQUEEZING IS INTENSE. I could barely get dressed when i was taken to ER last time. I've seen a cardiologist but it seems my heart is fine and it was a panic attack... I wish i COULD go out and do something for someone (I normally do, i hand out loonies and twoonies to people in need on the street). Just saying that my panic attacks are too severe for me to even stand up. Speaking is also difficult. Oh, i'm so sad...


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