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Im 41. And like all of you ive tried everything. Pills, pot, meditation, sex, drugs, rock and roll, all the herbs, henbane, kava, valerian, hops, shitloads of booze. Anything to just stop my brain from telling me i am going to die. Sleep used to be a joke. I tried all the anti-depressents, narcotics etc. But i have found the holy grail for all of us.

Breakfast - 250 mgs of GABA
Lunch - 250 MGs of GABA
Dinner - 250 MGS of GABA
Before bed - 500 MGs of GABA and 500 MGS of Magnesium(Ionic Fizz is the best)

Its important to know that your panic attack is a sympton of a lie that our brains are telling us. It tells us its time to worry and blast off. Do what i do and tell your brain to STFU. And it hates it when i do something positive that builds self esteem. Running or walking etc.

Now for the last thing that will set you free. GET OUT OF OURSELVES AND INTO SOMEONE ELSE. I cant stress this enough. In the middle of your attack, go but a couple 1$ hamburgers and give them to a homeless man. Tell him you love him and that God does as well. Then shake his or her hand. You will think about that person and the good you did all day. Thats my meditation.

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You should be ashamed. This is the same guy from the panic board. Where you tried to make the claim that GABA is dangerous. yet here on this forum your saying you used it and it didnt work??

Shame on you for trying to sell your product here.


What is GABA?

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