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Wow, these are some really interesting ideas. I specialize in detoxification and what you want to achieve is drainage. This is best done with high quality supplements found at your local natural grocer. Use Ginkgo to increase the circulation and move dirty blood and lymph out. Use Bromelain to decrease inflammation and then if you like you can follow up with a liquid tincture of Lymph detox/drainage, any brand will do. Take this on an empty stomach for faster results. Start looking for a pattern of dizziness with something you've eaten or drank. Pollen will also cause vertigo and allergies too. Remember always keep your blood and lymph and bowels moving and you will always have good health. Best of Health!

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the best way i found for me to treat it was with large doses of fresh ginger, or lacking that, ginger pills. wow does it work!
i used to get vertigo alot, but not anymore now that i added ginger to my diet.

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