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ok, I have spent the last three hrs reading all the remedies, my daughter caught these nasty buggers from her cousins last weeks, they have had an infestation for four weeks now, when she got them i treated the whole family 4 of us, with rid, sprayed the house and threw every pillow away, with seven bags of stuffed animals in our garage, mayonased over night, combed combed combed, i have checked her hair many times but nothing, as for me I have no licee, but many nits, so here I lay with Listerine on my head overnight, and gonna dose my head with vineger, then denorex, and coconut shampoo,wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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Don't throw away your pillows and stuffed toys! Lice cannot live more than 24-48 hours off of the human body. They require human blood, not animal blood to survive so pets are not carriers. Wash your pillows and run them through the dryer of a high setting (130F+) until they are thoroughly dry. This will ensure the lice are all dead and let's face it, pillows don get washed often enough anyway! You can also just leave the toys in the garage for a few days to ensure they starve to death.


When my kids brought home head lice from school, I was going to buy RID but we all know *stigma* LOL, so investigated Dog Flea & Tick shampoo and found it had the same ingredients. Used it the same way as RID instructions.. and it KILLED THEM ALL, with no *Stigma* in the checkout line.


I will not use any head lice and nit removal from any pharmacy, shop etc because regardless of what they all say they do damage the children's hair. Currently I have an 8 year old boy, 3 year old boy and two year twins and myself and my husband with head lice and nits. I treated as all yesterday by buying cheap conditioner and a head lice comb, I then drowned,drenched, completely soaked our dry unwashed hair in conditioner. I left the conditioner in for 30minutes and then used the lice comb to comb through the hair. If hair is long you have to comb it in sections and after each comb through wipe the comb on a paper towel and you will see the lice and maybe the nits(as the nits are white they are harder to see in the conditioner). It is a long process of combing through the hair especially if the hair is long. Then simply wash it out. Check after washing out the conditioner when the hair is dry for lice and nits. Repeat this 2 more times over a 3 week period. Unfortunately as me and my 3 year old and one of my twins have super fine hair, we still have nits (eggs) because even the head lice comb is not fine enough for fine hair. So the next step for me and my 2 little ones is to either use my finger nail to drag each nit out or I can use a hair straightner and do layer buy layer as this burns the eggs and they will just fall out. Finally to prevent or lessen the chances of getting lice again all you have to do (if you know there is an out break in school or just as an everyday prevention) dilute tea tree oil in water and put in a spray bottle and spray on your/kids hair before they go to school or hairspray works as well. Also when there is an out break in my kids school or kinder I get them to wash there hair in tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner, as head lice hate tea tree oil. As for your bed linen just wash in hot water (tip a bit of tea tree oil in for preventitive measures) and as for the teddies, soft toys, pillow, duvets etc just put them in the dryer on high for twenty minutes and the heat will kill them. You can also put the the linen in the dryer on high for twenty minutes too if you don't want to wash in hot water, it will kill the lice as well. Hope this helps, good-luck


If you have boys... shave their heads.... no hair no nits or lice!

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