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L Condor

First a big thanks for the insight and yes a tooth can cause major pain!! A week ago lower left molar started acting was a test of endurance...did the salt...note better to use Himalayan salt..u get the 84 minerals...did the tea...but the one thing that worked was Sangre de Drago.

As a shaman...dont use pharm...but we use this sap from the Amazon to heal killed the bacteria in my mouth and recomend to all...use a cotton stick...put 2 drops of Sangre de Drago...and be free of pain...

Though this wonderful sap from the rainforest contains a number of beneficial phytochemicals, the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of sangre de drago can be attributed to two main chemicals. These two chemical compounds are Taspine, an alkaloid that has been documented as anti-inflammatory, antitumorous, and antiviral, and Dimethylcedrusine, a lignan that plays a central role in sangre de drago's wound-healing capabilities. In a study done in Belgium, it was found that the healing properties of the raw sangre de drago resin were four times more effective at forming collagen and healing wounds than the administration of the isolated chemicals. When sangre de drago resin was smeared onto a sterile plate, allowed to dry and then doused with E. Coli bacteria the bacteria promptly died versus a similar plate treated with the antibiotic ampicillin.

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Suffering from extreme toothache pain where can you find this sangre de drago?

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