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Qawi Nanji

I have an abcess in my gums. This is the best solution I have use to date. Purchase Black Tea(extract) hopefully organic, and make tea. Add no sugar or cream. Mix in 1/2 teaspoon of Salt. Let tea cool down to hot, but not luke warm. Maybe just a few degrees above luke warm. Make a large amount of tea, around 1 1/2 to 2 cups. When you put the tea into your mouth, turn your head on the side of the infection and gargle. Gargle and rinse maybe 6 to 10 times in an hour. 1 to 3 minute incriments of gargling. This reduced the swelling of my abcess significantly. You may need to take a pain reliever 20 minutes prior to attempting this because your are essentially washing out the abcess manually.

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OMG this really worked! I also took a tea bag and put some vanilla extract and jack daniels on it and placed it on my abcess and some asprin will help. But this 'wash' works great.

Thank you, Thank you!


Ive tried everything and this is the cure! Thank you sooo much!

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