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after several months of ongoing infestation and hundreds of dollars i decided to spray both my kids hair with personal insect repellant and cover their heads with a shower cap for about half an hour..ignoring all the complaints.... (airoguard odourless,about $4.00 from the supermarket) it killed all the lice and combined with the nit combe...voila!
repeat two times a week for a few weeks just to make does'nt hurt to spary the hair daily either, it is semi odourless after all.

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you could have just used cheap conditioner, drenched hair in it, wait twenty minutes and then comb out. How can you recommend spraying your gets with insecticides regardless of what the can tells you that it is safe to do so. Not a very good thing to do to your children, it's just like poisoning them.


That is crazy. you know you will damage your kids scalp and it is extremely harmful.


OMG! what kind of mother sprays their children with insecticides? use mayonnaise or vinegar or, here's a thought, YOUR common sense!


'....and I just ignored their complaints.' WOW! Really? Bertainly aren't nominated as parent of the year, huh? Tell you what, come to my house, let me douse you with an insecticide and wrap u up in garbage bags, and 'I will just ignore your complaints'

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