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For head lice problems:

Just add a few drops of tea tree oil to all the shampoo that your household uses. This will keep them away.

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I have looked all over for tea tree oil/extract, where can it be found?


Tea Tree Oil can be purchased at your local Wal-Mart Pharmacy for around $6.00 per bottle.


You can purchase tea tree shampoo (used as great dandruff shampoo) at salons. It is made by Paul Mitchell. You can also purchase tea tree oil at health stores and it is great for fungal infections (used diluted). After using Nix on my daughter and I, which did nothing, I used the Tea tree shampoo and put a little extra oil on our heads and let it sit for 10 minutes. It killed most of the lice, much better than Nix. We are still picking nits, but no live action now.


I would love to believe this works but I BOUGHT SOME TEA TREE OIL IT COST 20 dollars i put it in all the shampoo and spray everyone with tea tree oil water ye sit help the itching for abit but it kills nothing. i spent hours picking and a few months later we still have out breaks. I TRIED EVERYTHING. nothing works :(

Infestations Gone!

Mayonaisse is the answer!


UNDILUTED PURE TEA TREE OIL IS WHAT WILL WORK. *don'tmix with shampoo. it loses its effect*


Tea Tree Oil is available at the Body shop stores also.


I have put tea tree oil (also called Melaleuca oil) into shampoo, and ALWAYS used it on my daughters head... I noticed her scratching and checked her head, and she was literally CRAWLING with live bugs!!!!



For myself.. after picking up an infestation from my grands.. I used brown vinegar, and persisted with a fine tooth comb, over the bath, which revealed anything.... after about four days, I cracked it..
.. and I followed up weekly, for a couple of weeks with the same treatment, daily combing with a 'nit comb'.. and it was resolved..
You have to understand the life cycle of the eggs and the adult form..
My head was really itchy.. I must admit.


dont wash your hair for 21 days but do wash your body and brush your teeth comb your hair perfume yourself and look nice lice well be gone lice only like clean poeple with clean hair so if you get lice because you are to clean i havent tried tea tree shampoo but i am going to the store right now to buy it for fungas in my hair they say its good for that also putting coconut oil in my hair its suppost to stop it from spreading i havent been sweating because its winter sweating is a cause of it spreading also so dont sweat

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