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I have no idea if I have an abscessed tooth or not, but I am in pain and trying as many of these remedies as possible.

In August 2010 I had to get a root canal and crown. The pain I was in prior to that, nothing really helped.

I was ok, although crowned tooth was a little sensitive every now and again, until yesterday. My gums above the crown hurts. I have no idea if I irritated it or if something is really wrong. Usually when I felt sensitive, it went away in a day or so. Now its starting to hurt.
Well, I guess I know something is wrong, since I was supposed to get my deep cleaning, but everything went wrong and I no longer have insurance. So I must have an infection again.

I wouldnt be so worried except I no longer have insurance. So I know nothing will be affordable at the dentist. I barely afforded my services with insurance.
However, I plan to make an appt first thing monday, to at least get antibiotics.

Anyway, in the mean time i'm gonna keep trying these remedies.

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I myself have an abscess over a crowned tooth before I found this site I went to a site called teeth and tooth. Stuff made sense.. It said to use throat lozenges with a dual antiseptic in it. It tells you to put it right on the abscess. .I couldnt find the product they said to use so I picked up some Oraljel for mouth sores. It has an antiseptic in it. Although I did buy that today, Im sitting here with a teabag in my mouth(just in-case)

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