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The Monkey King

Okay -- my right ear was plugged for three days before I was ready to take a leaf blower to it. I tried all the remedies here -- a few helped loosen the congestion (pinch your nose and blow with the clogged ear facing the ceiling was the best). To finally end it, here's what I did. I hope it helped you as immediately as it helped me.

- 800 mg Ibuprofen (that is a medical-grade, prescription strength dose.)

- 120 mg psudoephedrine/Sudafed (you usually have to obtain this from the pharmacist, they don't keep this on the shelf anymore. This is a prescription strength dose.)

- 10 mg loratidine (this is an OTC antihistamine. You DO NOT have to get it directly from the pharmacist, its on the shelf)

Take this with 32 oz. of frosty cold water (carbonated water, if you can handle it).

Within 30 minutes, you will be clear -- ears, sinus, and all.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the post, but it seems as though this is hardly a 'home remedy' when it consists of two prescription strength drugs...


So, kind of a homemade Alka-Seltzer? Hmm...


'Home remedy' refers to not having to go to the Dr.s (JB). 'Monkey King' was just trying to help with his own version. Use it or don't. No need for the sarcasm

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