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To smuther the chiggers and stop the itching put vics vapor rub on areas affected. The petroleom suffocates them and the methanol relieves itching. You can also mix camphor and phenol in mineral spirits, works wonders.

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We live in northern Illinois but were camping in central Missouri recently. My son ended up with hundreds of bites up each leg into the groin area and a few on each arm. He was miserable with the itching until I found the Vics Vapor Rub suggestion. It worked immediately. Thank you for the help!


This remedy really worked. I tried taking a hot bath which the heat took away the itching, but as soon as I got cool the itching and the suffering came back. I washed and scratched the areas with Safegaurd soap and a clean washrag. That comfort was really great. But as soon as I was dry, I cleaned the areas with Listerine and then covered them with Vicks Vapor Rub. It did work and worked great. My mother in law said that that is what they used in the Chappel Hill Texas area when she was younger. Thanks again for all of your comments and suggestions.


My Girlfriend was being kept awake from the itch of chigger bites and we applied the Vicks Vaporub to the affected areas and she said the itching stopped within a minute so we are sold on this home remedy !!!!

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